Valuable Links!

Under these Links You will find information that we considered valuable for us, and the authors we greatly appreciate in the Lord. Have fun discovering!

Granted Ministries, feat. Dr. C. Leiter

Dr. Charles Leiter; a very experienced and scripturally rooted pastor and theologian – Especially to be recommended: His Series on the Law of Christ (lectures also on Youtube).

Tim Conway – Sermon Series on the topic of the ´End Times´

Pastor Tim Conway deals with the topic of the end times and the widespread doctrine of pre-millennial dispensationalism. In our view, he pursues a very sound and consistent interpretational approach of the Bible.

Tim Conway on the End Times

Dr. Daniel Wallace – Basics of New Testament Textual Criticism

Dr. Daniel Wallace has been internationally renowned as a New Testament Greek scholar for quite some time, and also as an academic gold standard. In 2002, Dr. Wallace founded the Institute for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM). Together with his team he has now digitized thousands of NT text fragments. He has made them publicly available on the CSNTM website ( With his work and teaching activity Dr. Daniel Wallace is in our view a fundamentally important contributor to textual criticism – that is, to the ever-improving enlightenment of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ concerning just how the very first New Testament text really looked like – word by word, and letter by letter.

Basics of New Testament Textual Criticism – by Daniel Wallace